Battlefield 6 coming in 2021 – it will be revealed this spring

in present EA Financial Report There is new information about Battlefield 6 to discover. That should satisfy the incredibly large fan base of the military shooting franchise after the release of Battlefield V several years ago. In November 2018, it was the last time Battlefield fans were looking for a new game.

After it had long been suspected that Battlefield 6 wouldn’t see the light of the video game world until 2022, there is now good news. According to the aforementioned report and data from EA CEO Andrew Wilson, Battlefield 6 should be available for the Christmas 2021 season. Battlefield V’s successor will be unveiled in the spring of 2021.

This means that we can expect a lot of new information about the game soon. Since summer officially started in June, it won’t be long to wait for the big news about Battlefield 6 until the end of May.

Known details before disclosure

But so far there are already some details we can tell you about the game before it unveils. The EA Report continues to show Battlefield 6 should use all the features and capabilities of next-generation consoles. Wilson asserts that this should enable massive and immersive battles with more players than ever before.

The development team behind the game is focused on taking the franchise’s strengths to a new level. According to Wilson, this includes, in particular, the unprecedented scaling of maps, typical Battlefield destruction, and the distribution of missions between players, as well as fighting vehicles and weapons. Overall, Battlefield 6, as desired by many fans, should return to the full military war possible. According to rumors, Battlefield 6 should be based on Battlefield 3 as compared to previously published parts of the series, which originated in 2002 (Battlefield 1942).

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“We look forward to sharing a lot about our plans for FY 22 in the coming months, including the next Battlefield Experience, which will mark a return to all-out military war.” Andrew Wilson

Battlefield 3 was developed by EA DICE and released on PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3 in October 2011. The direct sequel to Battlefield 2 from 2005 sold over five million copies in the first week after its release and became very positively noticed by both Games community and the press. The setting was not based on one of the two world wars, but rather created its own story about a fictional war in 2014, which mainly focused on the regions in and around the states of Iraq and Iran. But Paris and New York City also became the scene of acts of war.

EA wants a total of 35 new games throughout development in its pipeline and will either gradually introduce them or reveal new details in the coming months. Of course, the vast majority of these projects should not be published this year. Here we’re talking more about the release plans for 2022 and beyond.

Once more information is available about Battlefield 6, of course, you will get it from

A look back: Battlefield V shone visually, too

The look has never been a huge criticism on Battlefield. But on the contrary. So far, almost all parts and branches have been convincing in terms of graphics. This also includes the newest installment to date Battlefield V. But how big is EA’s shovel top again here in Battlefield 6? As long as we don’t know, we should keep these images in mind for future comparison.

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