Introducing: Finally, new content for Watch Dogs: Legion

Watch Dogs: Legion receives its first content update. Source: Ubisoft

Six months from the time, Watch Dogs: Legion will receive its first content update on May 4 with the 4.0 major update. New content is served by 90-minute maintenance work starting at 2:30 PM.

In addition to new freely available missions and cooperative tools, new characters, quests, skills, store packs, and customization options will also be included as well as a new playable hero and a new story mission for Season Pass owners. We see a summary of the content in the trailer.

In the trailer, Ubisoft shows and explains new content:

The New Heroine – Mind Control by Mina Seydou

With the Season 4.0 major update, Watch Dogs Legion bass owners can access the new and first playable Champion Mina Sidho. Mina gives players new ways to complete challenges as she manipulates opponents using mind control.

In the trailer, you can see Mina reaching her hands in the direction of an enemy and controlling him from a distance by controlling his mind and having him fight his allies. The interesting thing here is that the manipulated opponent does not attack other enemies under the control of the AI, but the player appears to be in full control. In another stage, we see how Mina uses her power to shoot down individual enemies and lose consciousness.

Mina Sidhu can be played in the complete Watch Dogs: Legion single player mode on your team as well as in any online mode.

New story and collaborative quests

In addition to Mina, season pass owners can also access the third part of the DedSec story mission. This is called “Swipe Right” (in the German version, “It’s a match!”) And it assigns players the task of sneaking into a smuggler’s ring and gathering information about an ancient artifact.

But Swipe Right isn’t the only new mission added with the Watch Dogs: Legion update. There will be three new free-to-play co-op missions that can be played with up to three other players, each with a number of new multiplayer objectives.

Year 1 roadmap wd legion
With update 4.0, Watch Dogs: Legion is progressing on its planned roadmap. Source: Ubisoft

Guardian Drone & Point Defense drones

In order to be able to better complete new missions and at the same time to give players new capabilities to master challenges, two new cooperative tools will also be added to the game, which will be usable in cooperative modes.

The first tool to appear in the trailer is called “Guardian Drone”. It appears to be a drone accompanying and supporting nearby customers.

Second, we see so-called “unmanned point defense aircraft”. This is a throwable device that creates a kind of wall from the drones (original description: “a cloud of drones”), blocks incoming enemy fire and protects the customers behind them

The two new characters, hairstyles and more

With the first update to Watch Dogs: Legion content, players will also have access to the new “DJ” and “First Aider” character classes, which can be played in single player as well as online mode.

First aid can use an augmented reality shield to protect themselves and other players and thus can ideally be used as a support class. In turn, DJs can not only strengthen team members in the vicinity, but also disable opponents.

In the trailer, you can see how a player as a DJ unleashes some kind of wave and lets the opponents around him collapse in pain. The dazzling effect of DJ and his deafening attack give the player a chance to neutralize defenseless enemies.

As a final innovation, Ubisoft is adding new customization options to the game, with its release responding to comments and requests from the community. With the new capabilities, players can now customize the agent’s hairstyle and body arts.

Watch Dogs: Legion’s first content update brings exciting new features to the game:

Watch Dogs Legion Inhaltsupdate 1
What: Ubisoft

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