Netflix introduces a new feature: “Play Something”

Netflix is ​​committed to physically protecting your remote controls – and saving you time searching for new series. Source: Netflix

Stop hurting your remote! Immediately! As Netflix reveals in the context of the newly introduced “Play Something” feature, it also contains emotions. So instead of spending many hours searching for new series, you can now use the new feature.

This should help you quickly and based on your interests in discovering new features that you like that you don’t have to tediously filter from the giant choices on your own. A great promise, benefits and efficacy that everyone must ultimately judge for themselves. However, in this post we want to briefly introduce you how ‘turning something on’ works and where you can find the job on Netflix.

This is how it works

In the advertisement accompanying Netflix’s new worldwide feature “Play Something”, Cameron Johnson, Director of Product Innovation at Netflix, describes some typical moments when you don’t want to decide what you want to watch next on Netflix.

After a stressful week, for example, when you just want to turn something off or when you can’t agree on a joint series or movie with your partner. In such cases, “turning something on” should help. If you tap the associated button, Netflix should locate and start a title for you based on the series and movies you have watched with the account or profile so far.

If you press the function again directly, the selection will begin:

  • Brand new title,
  • Address you are already looking at
  • An existing address on your list, or
  • An unfinished series or movie that you may want to watch again.
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You can find the new job on these sites:

  • Under your profile name
  • 10th row on your Netflix home page
  • Navigation menu on the left of the screen

For Netflix users who use screen readers, Play Something is also fully TTS (text-to-speech) compatible. To use the new option to discover your next favorite title via TTS, please visit the section in the Netflix Help Center Accessibility.

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