Rainbow Six: Next operation is called “North Star”.

The first North Star artwork is here! Source: Ubisoft

The time has come, dear friends of well-kept tactical shooters. Ubisoft revealed the first information about the upcoming operation at Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege on Monday. Operation Northstar will soon follow the current Crimson Heist operation.

The published artwork appears with the unveiling of a yellow helicopter with a distinctive emblem. From this person he descended down over a dense forested area. These may indeed be the first indications for the next operator planned for Operation Northstar.

We know this about Operation North Star

If you follow the logic of previous seasons, the new soldier will become a new defender – or defender – after Flores is incorporated as the striker. By the way, he or she is coming from Nakoda, let’s pay attention to the roadmap that was published in February for the sixth year of Rainbow Six Siege.

Rainbow Six Year 6: Everything New – A glimpse of the Roadmap

The Nakoda is a tribe that is indigenous to western Canada and the United States in origin. The wooded area, which can be found in Canada, also lends itself to this.

Speaking of Y6S2: in addition to the name and information related to the new character, we already know which map Ubisoft will take. After reworking the house map last year, there is again an unofficial map on the to-do list. After reviewing Frontiers in the first season of Season 6, a new version of the favela with North Star appeared.

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There will also be a mega event and two arcade events in the context of Operation Northstar, as can also be seen in the roadmap. Anyone hoping to get brand new maps for Rainbow Six Siege would be disappointed at least in this calendar year if Ubisoft doesn’t bring a big surprise up its sleeve.

But back to the upcoming Northstar operation: How do you think the new trigger will be designed?

Does Doc get support from defense attorneys when it comes to recovery and savings?

How will the new trigger be designed?x

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