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The first of these novelties is the function that allows the course to be suspended, which makes it possible to simply pause the game and turn off the console without fear of losing its progress for one reason or another, such as an automatic update or crash. . Note that until now it has been possible to interrupt your game mid-cycle by putting your console on standby, but this also means not being able to quit the game.

However, the game’s structure remains unchanged, which means that this feature is not the traditional save option found in other games: when the cycle is paused, Returnal simply creates a one-time hold point. When you resume your game, this ellipsis will be erased and can no longer be used. The game will resume exactly where you left off, and if you want to pause the cycle again, your progress will be saved from a new point.“, explain Harry Krueger, Creative Director of the game.

Also note that it will not be possible to use course suspension during boss fights, movie scenes, first-person sequences, or even in the middle of a confrontation,”Because we believe that certain moments of return must be lived without interruption‘Can we read?

Housemarque also offers a portrait mode, a feature that is now almost mandatory in Sony products. Portrait mode will be available at all times, except for special circumstances such as a first person view sequence. It offers the usual settings for managing focal length, aperture, saturation or contrast, but also offers the choice between different light sources to better illuminate the scene, or a variety of filters, effects, frames and colors.

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