The future of ESO: This will happen in 2021

The MMORPG The Elder Scrolls Online by ZeniMax and Bethesda is still very popular. This is not the least due to the fact that the developers are providing the game with new content very regularly and thus the incentives for the players remain high.

After “The Black Heart of Skyrim” formed the game in 2020, a new annual program will be added in 2021, which will provide the game with new content. Tomorrow, Tuesday, January 26, 2021, Bethesda wants to showcase the global event on its channel.

The doors of forgetfulness

At the 2020 Game Awards, people kicked in the mood for the future of online role-playing game and gave a brief glimpse of the ‘Goals of Forgetting’:

TESO: Bethesda Presents “Gates of Oblivion” – Starting in 2021

Originally, the show was supposed to run for a year last Thursday, but now officials have taken a few more days to work on the outcome. The upcoming content will be featured by Bethesda SoftWorks Senior Vice President Marketing and Communications Pete Hines, ESO Creative Director Rich Lambert and Director of ZeniMax Online Studio Matt Feuer.

Be there live in the stream

As we mentioned above, you can of course watch it on We have included the linked channel that will be broadcasting the program from 7 PM below.


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