▷ FW-KR: Young People Free from Destruction unscathed

12.05.2021 – 19:31

Krefeld is extinguished

Krefield (OTS)

Today (Wednesday 12 May 2021) firefighters were called to an empty warehouse in Dujardinstraße in Krefeld-Uerdingen at 3:53 pm. There are two young men, ages 15 and 16, who entered the dilapidated building and closed a metal fire door behind them in the basement, and it no longer had a door handle and therefore could not be opened from the inside or the outside. To get out of the emergency, the trapped person called a friend to the building via cell phone, but he was unable to help on site and eventually alerted the firefighters. The emergency services had to literally open the basement door with a hydraulic door opener in order to free the uninfected youths from the basement. Without their cell phones, the youths would not have been able to indicate their plight, as no calls for help were heard from the basement of the distant building. The police recorded their personal data. All emergency services managed to complete the mission at 5:04 PM.

Please send any questions to:

Krefeld is extinguished
Matthias Hoffer
Phone: 02151-8213333
Email: [email protected]

Original content by: Fire Brigade Krefeld, transmitted via aktuell News

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