▷ POL-BI: Kesselbrink’s mobile phone theft

03.03.2021 – 11:02

Bielefeld Police

Bielefeld (UT)

Mk / Bielefeld-Mitte – A man asked a 21-year-old for a refund on the evening of Monday March 1, 2021 – but for young Hereford, it was a stranger who attacked him and stole his cell phone.

The 21-year-old was around 8:30 pm with two companions in the area where Kesselbrink and Wilhelmstraße met. An oncoming man spoke to young Hereford and asked for the money to be repaid.

While his companion was visiting a stall nearby, the drunk unknown man attacked Herford and took his cell phone from him. A 17-year-old woman from Bielefeld recognized the situation and intervened and returned his 21-year-old phone. But the strange thing was not satisfied with that, so the young man’s cell phone was torn off again and he disappeared.

Several witnesses present described the suspect:

A man can be between 35 and 45 years old. He is very thin and has a noticeable scar on his face. He wore a black leather jacket and jeans and had a backpack.

Remember the police:

If you become a victim or witness of a crime, always call the police emergency number 110 immediately, as this will provide you with direct assistance on site and enable the police, for example, to search for suspects.

Police cautioned against intervening as the following reactions could not be expected from the perpetrators. Increased aggression on the part of the attacker may expose you to additional risks.

Please send feedback to:

Bielefeld Police Headquarters / Criminal Police Bureau 0521/1454 / 0-545

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Please send inquiries from journalists to:

Police headquarters in Bielefeld
Administration Staff / Press and Public Relations
Curt Schumacher Straße 46
33615 Bielefeld

Sonya Rehmert (SR), phone 0521 / 545-3020
Stefan Bökenkamp (SB), Tel. 0521 / 545-3232
Sarah Seidslag (SI), tel. 0521 / 545-3021
Michael Cutter (M.K.), phone 0521 / 545-3022
Hella Kristof (HC), phone 0521 / 545-3023
Fabian Rickle (France), tel. 0521 / 545-3024
Dirk Trumbre (DT), phone 0521 / 545-3222
Dominic Schroeder (DS), phone 0521 / 545-3195
Caroline Stephen (CS), Tel. 0521 / 545-3026

Email: [email protected]

Outside office hours: Control Center, telephone 0-521 / 545

Original content by: Bielefeld Police, transmitted via aktuell news

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