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26.03.2021 – 09:38

Cloppenburg / Vechta Police Station

Kloppenburg / Vechta (OTS)

Neuenkirchen – Vörden – Fraudulent text messages about alleged parcel deliveries

On Monday, March 22nd, 2021, there was fraud in the Neuenkirchen-Vorden area. A 26-year-old woman received a text message on her mobile phone stating that a parcel was about to be delivered. After clicking on the link, several applications were installed on the mobile phone, which in turn sent SMS messages. Currently this type of fraud can be observed in Cloppenburg and Vechta Counties. Police advise against clicking on these links. The message must be deleted from the device. Do not allow the installation of unknown applications. It is also recommended that your carrier set up a third-party block so that additional costs can be avoided. If you click on the link anyway, it is recommended that you switch the device to airplane mode so that the mobile phone cannot receive any external commands anymore. Then the device must be reset to factory settings so that harmful apps will be removed. If necessary, it is recommended to make a backup copy of the personal data beforehand. You should also verify the logins and passwords for your user accounts.

Cloppenburg and Vechta – Fraudulent calls, descendants scam / shock call

On Thursday, March 25, 2021, there were several fraudulent calls in Cloppenburg and Vechta Counties. The perpetrators have reported to the calling party that a relative, often a grandchild or son / daughter, had an accident and is now in need of a large sum of money. The police always recommend that you consult family members when calling. If in doubt, call the person alleged to be in an emergency situation and verify the information. Often perpetrators try to increase the stress and use the summoned party’s anxiety so that they do not become suspicious. If there is any doubt, the discussions should be ended immediately.

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Lastrup – a traffic accident with a minor injury

On Thursday, March 25, 2021, a traffic accident occurred at 12:51 PM on B213. A 56-year-old motorist drove from Leandern from Linderstraße to B213 in the direction of Kloppenburg. During an overtaking maneuver, he collided with a 52-year-old truck driver from Bielefeld. Linderner sustained minor injuries from the collision. Property damage is estimated at 5,000 euros.

Cloppenburg – theft from a wheel loader

Between March 1 and March 22, 2021, it happened at a farm machinery dealer in Straße zum Brook. A previously unknown criminal stole a control box from a wheel loader. According to previous knowledge, it is assumed that the stolen box was or will be used for installation in a defective bulldozer. The police in Cloppenburg (tel. 04471-18600) will receive the relevant information.

Garrel – a traffic accident with a minor injury

On Thursday, March 25, 2021, a traffic accident occurred at around 5:20 pm at the intersection between Hauptstrasse and Petersfelder Strasse. An 80-year-old motorist wanted Bossil to turn left at the intersection and ignored a 17-year-old motorcyclist from Garrel. There was a collision, which left Garreler lightly injured. Property damage is estimated at 2,500 euros.

Cloppenburg – A traffic accident with a minor injury

On Thursday, March 25, 2021, a traffic accident occurred at around 3:10 pm at the intersection of Resthauser Straße and Bührener Ring. A 37-year-old motorist from Kloppenburg overlooked a 73-year-old motorist from Cloppenburg with a right of way when crossing the intersection. The clash caused the 73-year-old youth to be slightly injured. Property damage is estimated at 1,000 euros.

Löningen- A traffic accident with a minor injury

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On Thursday, March 25, 2021, at around 7.45 PM at the meeting of Wassermühlenweg with B213, there was a traffic accident. A 41-year-old agricultural group driver wanted to convert to B213. He overlooked the 36-year-old chauffeur from Lastrup who was already driving on B213. There was a collision, which lightly injured Lastruper. The extent of property damage is unknown.

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Original content from: Police Inspection Cloppenburg / Vechta, reported by Aktuell News

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