▷ POL-NOM: Attempt to spy on data

30.03.2021 – 11:06

Northheim Police Station

Bad Gandersheim (OTS)

Bad Gandersheim, Dr.-Heinrich-Jasper-Straße, Thursday 18 March 21 – Monday 29 March 21

BAD GANDERSHEIM (SCHW) – Mobile phone owners have been warned of a new scam. Phishing is similar to a “phishing” scam, in which malware is sent by e-mail; And in the case of phishing, the corresponding program is sent via SMS via a mobile phone. A link is sent to an attempt to install malware, which is often disguised as an update, on a mobile phone. After installing the program, the perpetrators can access the personal data on the cell phone.

In the current case, a 57-year-old woman from Bad Gandersheim received several short messages via SMS, asking to open a link so she could look at the parcel tracking system. However, since the woman from Bad Gandersheim was not expecting an expulsion, she did not comply with the request and thus was saved from spying on her mobile data.

So the police advise you to be especially careful: be vigilant and be suspicious if you receive unsolicited SMS messages from phone numbers you don’t know. Do not follow these links under any circumstances, otherwise you can install malware on your smartphone.

Please contact:

Northheim Police Station
Bad Gandersheim Police Station
press office

Phone: 05382/91920 0
Fax: 05382/91920150
Email: [email protected]

Original content from: Northeim Police Search, transmitted via aktuell news

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