▷ POL-S: Mobile theft – Suspect provisionally arrested

16.08.2021 – 10:35

Police headquarters in Stuttgart

Stuttgart Center (OTS)

On Saturday evening (August 14, 2021) police have provisionally arrested a 30-year-old man suspected of stealing a 38-year-old’s mobile phone. The 38-year-old was sitting on a bench with his 31-year-old companion on Esslinger Strasse around 8pm, when the suspect walked in and took the mobile phone the 38-year-old was carrying on the seat. After returning the stolen cell phone, the 30-year-old raised his hand menacingly and left. Then the police officers temporarily arrested the suspect and found the stolen mobile phone in his possession. The officers released the suspect after police procedures ended.

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Original content by: Stuttgart Police Headquarters, transmitted by aktuell news

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