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The emergency number 112 is the unified and direct line for rapid assistance in Europe. This number also leads to the responsible emergency call center in all cell phone networks. The Association of Fire Brigades of North Rhine-Westphalia and Provinzial Versicherungen provide information on the unified number on the occasion of the European Emergency Appeal Day.

“The emergency number 112 symbolizes rapid and reliable assistance to some 450 million people across Europe,” explains Tristan Krieger, fire protection media and education officer at the Fire Brigade Association of North Rhine-Westphalia. In emergency situations you receive qualified assistance, the dispatcher at the control center will ask specific questions necessary for fire alert or rescue services. “The caller also receives helpful instructions about what to do even in the moment. This important exchange is not possible via email or social media,” explains fire evaluator Mirko Schneider, head of loss prevention and risk advice at Provinzial Group.

Background: Business trip, vacation or similar: Mobility within Europe is high; So having a unified emergency number at the European Union level makes sense. Instead of many emergency numbers, EU citizens only have to memorize 112 – and receive adequate help!

The call: The emergency number 112 can be reached from anywhere: be it a landline, public phone or mobile phone. However, the SIM card must be inserted into the mobile phone.

Costs: Calling the emergency number is always free!

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Answer: In the control center you are ready for emergency. Depending on the relevant national civil protection system, the emergency call often reaches the firefighters, rescue service, or police. The personnel there are trained to answer emergency calls and often speak English in Germany, for example; Close to the border is also the language of the vicinity.

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Please contact:

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