12 tools to keep focus while learning

If you are a student, you have probably discovered that studying can be difficult at times. This is especially true if the library and cafe are full. The only other option for most college students is to study in a dorm, which may not seem like an ideal option at first, but with these 12 tools, you can turn any space into the ultimate study:

Headphones with noise canceling feature

When you are distracted by TV, radio, and noisy companions, studying in your bedroom can be challenging. noise canceling headphones It can help you focus on your homework by blocking out distracting noises. Some devices have Bluetooth capabilities, giving you instant access to your favorite study tracks.

smart lights

In middle school, mood lighting is his study section, but proper lighting isn’t limited to date night. Blue lights have been shown to improve focus, making smart lights useful. using a smartphone In the application, you can switch between date lighting and study with the Philips Hue starter package. The Amazon Echo Dot can connect lights to it and control the lighting with a simple voice command.

Freedom App

Any college student with a laptop understands how easy it is to spend time on social media instead of studying. Freedom for Mac and Windows can help you stay focused by blocking websites, apps, and other distractions. You can book time to study in advance or on a whim.


Isn’t it good to have an easy button for life? Saent can make that wish come true. via Organizing study sessions And by filtering out distractions, you can use Saent to increase your productivity. The program can also notify your friends that you are too busy to talk. Plus, when it’s time to rest, Saent can reconnect you to the Internet.

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coffee maker with wifi

The night of insomnia is one of the basic stages for college students. the Café Wi-Fi The Behmor coffee maker allows you to start your coffee maker right from your phone, making it easier for you to focus until the sun comes up. You can also use the Behmor app to change the amount of coffee brewed by the machine and the temperature of your drink. If you have an Echo Dot, you can also use voice commands to brew your coffee.

HP Envy Wireless Printer

It’s not safe to trust a school printer, especially when other kids are lining up for their print jobs. Students can use a Wi-Fi printer, such as the HP Envy 5055, to print, scan, and copy assignments directly in their dorm. You can print and scan documents from your phone or email them with a companion app. These printers can ensure you complete your homework on time and you don’t need to visit the library before class.

Philips wake up light

The hard part of staying up all night doing homework is getting up the next day. Smart lights, like the Philips Wake-up Light, mimic a natural sunrise when tossed and turned, making tripping out of bed more likely.

Dragon Diction

Students who must balance school, work, and extracurricular activities understand how difficult it can be to stay organized. Dragon dictation can help you find balance. With this program, you can use your voice to send emails, take notes, get directions, and more. A professional voice assistant is included in the program to help it avoid your misunderstanding.

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Rocket Book Wave Smart Laptop

If you have a lot of classes this semester, you may forget to bring the right grades to the right class. Move your handwritten notes to the cloud with Rocketbook Wave smart notebook. After that, you can download the notes to your smartphone. It’s easy to get new Rocketbook pages – put them in the microwave and they’ll all be blank. Remember that you need to upload your notes first.

smart laptop stand

Dorm desks aren’t usually roomy, but Vivo’s tempered glass smart laptop stand can elevate your laptop and make more room for your school stuff. This stand contains USB ports, audio ports, cable organizers and is adjustable.

smart speaker

Rest is just as important as studying, and these innovative home techniques can help you make the most of your breaks. While you’re waiting for your pizza, Alexa can order one for you and even host a quiz. How many housemates are capable of such feats?

stick to broadcast

The best way to hide from reality is watching TV. Streaming like Roku and Amazon Fire Stick allow you to stream Netflix, Hulu, and other services directly. Some streaming devices may support other interval content, such as video games, social media, websites, and exercise videos.

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