20 high-tech gadgets to pack

For several years now, an indispensable space in the bag has been devoted to high-tech devices. But what are the essential items you should take on vacation no matter where the destination is?

headphones For listening to music, action cameras for extreme photography and photography, e-book readers with hundreds of books and power banks that extend battery life are just some of the technological tools to enjoy without sacrificing comfort.

Headphones, headphones and amplifiers
Music has always been the soundtrack to our lives, on vacation more than ever.

listen to music While traveling and commuting is a way to relax, feel less tired and make time pass faster. Headphones and earphones – now completely wireless – an indispensable ally for packing, but also a portable speaker to be connected to a smartphone via Bluetooth and possibly waterproof, it turned out to be the perfect companion for evenings in company, perhaps at the beach or by the pool.

e-book readers
What vacation would it be without a good book to read, perhaps on a comfortable hammock or on a sunbed facing the sea? We all know the magic of paperback books, but on vacation, when there’s always a little room in the bag, I e-book readers They are the right choice. Having hundreds of titles available to choose from and reading comfortably under a canopy or in the waiting room at stations and airports are advantages that become almost essential when traveling.

action camera
Sports lovers and extreme adventure lovers won’t be able to leave without it Una work cam. Taking photos and shooting the adrenaline of going home with memories to keep and share with friends and acquaintances, is an essential aspect of the trip. the last smart phone Capture almost professional, high-quality photos, but to immortalize the most daring actions – underwater, at high altitudes or while playing sports – Le Action Cam They are definitely more convenient

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Powerbank & Co
The technology for vacation is growing more and more, but it will never work without electricity. That’s why it is available powerful power bank – 20,000 mAh minimum – and portable, it can be an excellent step up even for the times when there is no electrical outlet.

And if you want to keep your bag safe, you can close it lock with electronic lock To open an app on your smartphone and if you are afraid of splashes and sand, don’t forget waterproof case for smartphone. Finally, it is useful these days, even a portable sanitizer Which, at the end of the day, you can use to quickly sanitize your devices and small items with germicidal UV-C light.

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