20% off multiple warehouse deals: How good are the offers used on Amazon?

With 20 percent off all warehouse deals Amazon wants to convince its customers to buy second-hand items. You can usually save a little EUR, but there are rarely huge discounts. The most important question is: Can you really trust warehouse deals?
In most cases, warehouse products are returns where, for example, the packaging has already been opened. Every now and then, there are also visible defects in products, which means that they can no longer be sold at new prices. The condition of these goods is displayed on the offer site, a Detailed explanation of health categories in Amazon Warehouse It can be found on the corresponding help page from Amazon.

CHIP ordered some products and put them under the microscope. We received two products quickly, but it took nearly a week to order Kindle from a warehouse. So we tested the “fast” products: a toothbrush and a soda machine. The packaging was damaged either way, but the products themselves worked. However, the toothbrush charging lamp was not working. An issue that also shows the big advantage of warehouse deals.

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