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Limit electrification has become a priority for all car manufacturers around the world. Even supercar and hypercar manufacturers are inevitably in line with this trend, without exception: Ferrari has recently taken a significant step in this direction, setting the world stage New 296 GDP. The plugin from the Maranello car manufacturer was taken advantage of by Berlinetta enthusiasts with a hybrid powertrain, despite some incredible elements from an aesthetic and design perspective. Or at least the former Bronzing Horse designer thinks so Frank Stephenson.

Ferrari, shown at 296 GDP Motor Fence Fest

Stephenson’s response to the new 296 GDP is more than positive: Maranello homework It was appreciated This new hybrid Ferrari V6 has been approved by a former designer. Stephenson was particularly impressed with the front and rear of the Bronzing Horse Berlinetta, with notes about the 250 lm he praised. The overall look of the new 286 GDP was elegantly determined by the former designer, although the Ferrari choice underscored the fact that it was attached to the fitting of the signal lights, which did not match the bonnet’s lines. According to him, another sore point: The Toilets: Stephenson is not convinced by their style, according to him they should be In a circular shape.

The former Ferrari designer has some hints for differently designed components: think for example Front grill, According to Stephenson, is a style that is very aggressive or generally far-fetched, far from the classic Ferrari DNA in his opinion. According to a former designer from Maranello, the back will be more eye-catching if you wrap around the taillights and move the exhaust slightly upwards. However, Stephenson says the overall verdict is positive: “The new Ferrari has 296 GDP Two wheels in the past and two wheels in the future, And connects the feeling of the past with the technology of the future. I think this is a very well done job ”.

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