366 introduces its Smart Cover formats on mobile

Representing the regional daily press, 366 Advertising Agency announces the launch of a new exclusive digital format, on mobile and desktop, produced with Edge Query.

SMART COVER sits at the head of PQR Sites, and it’s an event-oriented format. Its location allows to generate maximum visibility when the site is opened. With a high format, it allows for creative expression that amounts to video integration but also preserves the user experience by stepping back to scrolling.

This format was first tested by advertiser SEPHORA on the advice of his agency KR Wavemaker, on the occasion of the 2020 end of year celebrations.

With click-through rates 5 times higher than traditional mega banner ads and an average of 17 seconds of visibility per internet user, the advertiser and his agency were able to notice during these first two very important stats that show cover is an excellent lever for the brand, but also for performance. For advertisers. ”Explains 366.

Its distribution across all 366 websites and apps allows it to claim access to nearly 10 million unique visitors per day. Satisfied with the format, SEPHORA also republished the same device on Valentine’s Day … again with the same high standards for click-and-see.

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