4 compelling reasons to stop using flash in your shots

Do you use flash to take pictures? You shouldn’t do that.

Photography and editing on Android

One of the main uses that we provide for smartphones today is to take pictures. Be it as a souvenir or to put it online on social networks like Instagram, one of the main reasons behind choosing one or another smartphone model has been for a few years now, the photography department.

Indeed, smartphones have become ideal alternatives to traditional compact cameras because, unlike those, We always carry our mobile phone in our pockets approximately 24 hours a day.

If your photos go wrong, do not use flash

However, there is a bad habit many of us have when it comes to taking a photo and using the camera flash. Despite popular belief, Usually the best photos are taken without using this function.

Create reflections on surfaces

Shoot with Galaxy S21 Ultra

Avoid when you can use your smartphone flash

On more than one occasion you will give it during filming, Flash reflection appears in a shot. Whether it’s when taking pictures in mirrors, in people wearing glasses, in rooms with windows, and even on other surfaces like plastic, there’s always this dreaded flash.

To all this, in most cases, it is It is better to turn off the flash and not find any strange glare or reflections That turns a good picture into a huge disaster.

Better to use the advanced options of the camera app

While most smartphone camera apps are fairly easy to use, mastering them takes more time, knowledge and most importantly, practice. Now when you have it Not only are photographs of better quality obtained, but they are also obtained almost completely without flash.

It is recommended to adjust white balance, ISO, HDR, and more options than turn on flash and take photo. Remember, a flash is always a tiny LED that only illuminates a small area with little control over it.

Also remember that if the image doesn’t look the way we wanted it to, We can still use it One of the many editing apps on the Google Play Store.

No need to use it remotely


Also, using flash will not make you a better photographer

Smartphone flash does not have much range, which makes it practical No need to use it to take pictures of faraway objects or situations.

Honestly, before using the flash that will do nothing, it is best to use the night mode that every phone currently has. Most likely, the results are far from perfect – most smartphone cameras are dim at night – however They will be much better than what we can get by just activating the flash.

Better to enjoy the environment

In this article we recommend against using flash, One of the tips we gave you was to enjoy the environment around us.

If we take photos at night in a city, There are definitely hundreds of lights for you to enjoy. As if that wasn’t enough, we can always use another mobile phone flashlight on hand and even ask a friend for help. Both options are better than the dreaded terminal flash.

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