4 mobile sites in one file, what’s the point of bundling?

A wink: 4 mobile sites in one file, what's the point of bundling?

Oh, look to the right, a flock of antennas.

you welcome in “Jurassic Telcos”. While assembly works well in the white areas of France, particularly in the places designated under the New Deal, it is still a failure in the gray areas, but not only. 9000 km from the mainland of France, more precisely on the island of Reunion, the passive pool does not seem obvious to the operators. In any case, these four perfectly aligned small towers of Free Mobile, Orange, SFR and Zeop attest to this.

Some will denounce the visual pollution caused by this paradise island, while others will question why operators do not install their equipment in the same location. There are two possibilities that could be at the origin of this Indian file. First, the local urban plan does not allow for higher towers to be installed in this area, making any interchangeability impossible. And second, operators may have decided on this configuration in order to simplify the task administratively.

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