4G ++ from Free Mobile is available on nearly 90% of its network

4G ++ from Free Mobile is available on nearly 90% of its network

If we are mainly talking about 5G at the moment, things are also moving for subscribers who only have 4G. Report published by RNC Mobile It shows that more than 87% of Free Mobile’s 4G sites are now in 4G ++. Hence, these provide better subscriber flow

Available on Android smartphones Via le Play StoreThe RNC Mobile app reminds Free Mobile subscribers to find out more about the antenna they are connected to, get a history of the antennas in use and run speed tests. It also focuses on the societal aspect, especially with the possibility of allocating branches to addresses.

This data also enables lessons to be learned about Free Mobile’s 4G aggregation level. Thus, as of today, Tuesday, February 18th, 2020, 75.10% of the operator’s 4G sites offer 4G ++, that is, the aggregation of 3 4G frequency bands owned by Free: 700MHz, 2600MHz and 1800MHz.

Free Mobile offers a speed boost on over 87% of the 4G network

In nearly 90% of the operator’s network, the maximum theoretical speed is 440.55MB / s. Of course, to get 4G ++, the smartphone must be compatible with these three frequencies. Note that these are the frequencies collected by RNCmobile contributors, and thus the respective sites can transmit on frequencies other than the pooled frequencies only. Thus 87.18% of the 4G ++ network is the minimum.

As a reminder, thanks to our partnership with RNC Mobile you can find Univers Freebox:

- Free Mobile Coverage Map with RNC Mobile
– All speed records on Free Mobile network with RNC Mobile

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