51st RDV agri Tierry farmer today in agricultural technology

GPS guidance for machines, robots, drones, herd surveillance cameras, sensors of all kinds … Agriculture is becoming more and more technical. Are all of these utilities really helpful or unnecessary for some of them? Thierry Farmer today rated Monday at 9 PM live on his Youtube channel, during his 51st farm meeting.

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sThe farmer does not have a file GPS guidance on your tractorA connected watch for remote control of building ventilation, a sensor to control the temperature of a grain silo, or at least an app on your smartphone to identify weeds? “Some New technologies that have become essential in agriculture Or more than one tool? “, As requested Thierry Farms todayTo his guests and everyone who will follow him 51e Agricultural deadline, Live on his Youtube channel Monday, May 31 at 9 PM, and they can interact in the chat.

And you Terre-net ReadersFeel free to express your point of view and testimonials in the comments below the article! Your comments will be taken up by Thierry Billett He discussed with his interlocutors: agriyoutubeur and agritwittos Gilles VK (Embed a Tweet) And the Ridon clouds (Embed a Tweet), Emmanuel Fauclin from Latitude GPSAnd the Jean-Baptiste Vervey (Embed a Tweet), President # Agriculture And director WizifarmAnd the Charlotte Morell, Director of Communications and Marketing at Valtra.

RDV agri is a program Thierry Farms today, Which Terre-net is a partner. It is broadcast live YouTube channel Every Monday at 9 pm. For an hour, Thierry receives several guests, Farmers and experts, To deal with prof Agricultural topic dedicated to professionals ».

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The show consists of two parts. part Discussion For 45 minutes. Viewers can interact with the guests, all you need is a computer, webcam, microphone, good internet connection and follow up on the show by calling This webinar platform.

A section of the magazine lasting about fifteen minutes on various topics: the state of crop progress, the latest news or important articles, the site or application of the week, the calendar of upcoming events (trade fairs, demonstrations, etc.). Find them Latest agricultural dates, in podcast and on Thierry Farmer’s YouTube channel today.

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