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The canyons dug, data centers built and other submarine cables laid on the ocean floor by various telecom operators and internet giants in recent years, should start to bear fruit in 2025. In any case, this is confirmed by various studies conducted by Google and IFC or by polling institutes like PureProfile among African and international investors active in Africa.

According to these reports, the volume of African Internet sales may reach between 180 and 200 billion dollars within three years. And by 2025, 30 billion of that windfall should be reinvested in the maintenance and deployment of new networks, according to estimates by the GSMA, which includes more than 750 mobile operators and manufacturers around the world.

More intense consumption

However, without allowing for the smooth adoption of innovations like the metaverse – which requires the near-zero latency allowed by 5G, the use of which will not be democratized by then, and a stable network – mobile internet for Africans should be easier to access and more presence in life. daily for users, according to recent work published by GSMA, the main communications lobby. What will the network of networks in Africa look like in the future? African youth invites you to discover it in the graphs.

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