9 new games you must try on your mobile this week

Every week we round up the best games that hit Google Play in the past few days.

Another week we have to look back to see what they were like New games that have arrived in the Google Play Store Throughout the past week. After you chose the best new apps and games for Android this week, we present to you now Top 9 New Free and Paid Games, which you can test on your Android smartphone this week.

We remind you that if the game you are interested in Payment is required to play or activate additional featuresYou still have the option to get this money using the following apps to get Google Play credit.

These are the 9 best new games that came out on the Play Store last week

The best new games for Android this week

  • memory stores
  • Super Slime Rush
  • pseuphonic
  • Sudoku Plus
  • Not exactly a hero!
  • save the sun
  • Tomorrow will be worse
  • pocket love
  • FlutterBoost

memory stores

This new Android game comes from the hands of Tepes Ovidiu, the same studio as its successor Sisbit or chess As in the previous titles, we find A puzzle game with a simplified design that pleases the eye. Memory Stamps is a memory game in which you must Remember where to cut each stamp In which you will not have a time limit to solve each puzzle.

Memory Stamps is a game that does not have ads or in-app purchases and to play it we will have to do this In one payment 1.79 euros.

Super Slime Rush

If you are looking for a fun and entertaining game, Super Slime Rush is a title that reminds us of success. fall men Which we will have to Push the ball to overcome obstacles We will cross the road and avoid that ball flower vase* Join us.

As in the previous case, to play Super Slime Rush you will have to scratch your pockets since then It costs 2.99 €.


The third game in this selection is Psychofunk, a platform adventure in the purest style of celebrity rodents Where you have to move your character to reach the end of each stage, where you have to defeat One last head Launches forward.

Psychofunk is an ad-free in-app purchase game At a cost of 4.99 euros.

Sudoku Plus

If you like crossword puzzles and especially Sudoku games, you will love this new title because It contains a large number of topics Moreover, it gives us a really smooth gaming experience.

Sudoku Plus is a file Completely free game Contains ads, although you can remove them via Single payment 2.39 €.

Not exactly a hero!

This title is an adventure novel that embodies it Ordinary person in charge of helping superheroes, for which you will have to make many decisions that will affect the outcome of the game. One of the strengths of this game is that it offers us Up to nine different endings.

Not exactly the hero free game With ads that In-app purchases range from 1.09 to 4.39 euros.

save the sun

Save the Sun is a fun platform game in which aliens have stolen the sun and your job is to do it Collect them piece by piece as you go through different stages of the game. through the stages You will earn virtual money that you can use to buy new skins, although you also have the option to unlock it all the time Payment 2.04 EUR.

This is Completely free game With ads, you have in-app purchases that go From 0.99 to 3.49 €.

Tomorrow will be worse

this is the address A simple text-based adventure where you will have to choose between two options for each fork path and what 25 possible ending, something that will allow us to restart it several times to find all possible endings.

Tomorrow Will Be Worse is a game that does not contain ads or in-app purchases and has At only 0.89 euros.

pocket love

pocket love

This game is a Sims style life simulation title It’s all about decorating your home, with all kinds of items you can buy Virtual currency you will earn while playing.

love pocket is Completely free game Available in the Play Store at early access modeThis means that this is not the final version yet and there may be some bugs.



FlutterBoost is a casual game in which You will shoot cats and rabbits at a series of birds To get as many points as possible and thus cross the different levels.

This is Free game with ads Where you can make purchases at low prices From 1.19 to 2.29 euros.

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