A football event that will impress Mauritius

In order to rally the people of Mauritius around a unique and unprecedented event in Mauritius, Prodalex Ltd is organizing the Mobile Football Tour, a mobile soccer village which will be presented with various sporting and entertainment activities around on 11, 19 and 20 June.

The Mobile Soccer Tour is an events village of 1500 sq.m., which is a soccer tournament revolving around an inflatable stadium and various structures and activities around sport and culture that will impress soccer fans for 3 days from three different places.

At the origin of this new concept is the events company Prodalex Ltd, founded by Alexia and Hicham, who wanted to bring to Mauritius the atmosphere of the fan zones on the sidelines of the UEFA EURO 2020 Championship next June.

The Mobile Soccer Tour will begin on June 11 at the Côte D’or National Sports Complex, by invitation only, and will open its doors to everyone free from June 19 at the Maritim Resort & Spa in the Balaclava ruins for its first launch. Today. With a football tournament of different classes: youth, adults and sponsors will be able to participate. On June 20, the entire event village will move to Sparc in Cascavelle where the tournament final match will take place. Two colorful days, during which the various football events will be presented on inflatable structures certified to European standards. Football darts, archery, force shooting, arena, start-up competitions and freestyle … young and old will be spoiled for choice, and regardless of level, everyone is welcome.

Event organizers are also planning booths to allow the public to discover new sports, but also to increase awareness of the environment and other leisure and educational activities for the little ones. Sponsors will also attend the event and participate in activities in the village.

In light of the health context, a strict protocol will be put in place to take each visitor’s temperature, disinfect hands and take names and contact details of each visitor. Wearing a mask will be mandatory on the premises, and equipment will be disinfected to ensure the safety of visitors.

To stay informed and not miss any upcoming news about this event, follow the Facebook and Instagram pages: mobilesoccertour.

Football is a team sport, and without the support of our sponsors it would not have been possible to hold this event: Yop, City Sport, Shell, La Gazette Mag, SoftFitness, Fedex, Maritim Resort & Spa and Sparc.

And so … You are a non-governmental organization, association, please feel free to contact Prodalex Ltd in order to participate in the project and to offer awareness workshops within the framework of this mobile village!

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