A Japanese arcade hall listed in the Guinness Book of Records

SEGA’s Japanese arcade games recently made headlines after SEGA announced its intention to give up. A few days after the ownership was transferred from SEGA to GENDA SEGA Entertainment (where SEGA is a minority shareholder), one of the cinemas in question set a record.

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GENDA SEGA Entertainment just announced that a SEGA room in Kapokitch (which you can see very briefly in Sun TGS vlogs from last year) Just listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the record holder for the number of UFO Catchers (machines that allow a player to try to get a prize using a grappling hook) located in one room. The GSE Chamber achieved this record thanks to 480 machines distributed in two levels.

A room like no other

The SEGA Ballroom in Kabukitch is one of the most recent SEGA halls to open in Tokyo. While it initially only featured UFO Catchers on the ground floor (traditional game stations as well as a dedicated virtual reality area were located upstairs), Recent business (ending December 23rd) has transformed it into a room entirely dedicated to these often outrageous cranes. Something to piss old arcade fans again.

Note that during the standard certification ceremony, the new GENDA SEGA Entertainment logo was displayed in addition to the traditional SEGA logo. This also confirms that despite the new owner, these Japanese cinemas will continue to own the SEGA brand. By the way, he reassured those who believed the iconic blue logo disappeared when the GENDA SEGA Entertainment logo was revealed.

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What do you think about this record? Are you worried that another arcade, SEGA or not, will follow this model? Have you ever used a UFO Catcher? Tell us all in the comments below.

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