A man tries to organize a funeral for his ‘dead’ laptop, and the video goes viral

Laptops are a long-term investment because once you buy one, you can usually afford it for years to come. Unlike a phone that gets replaced with the next updated model every two years, you use your laptop to keep it going. Big and small, it’s a wilted battery, display issues, overheating, we stand it all. But when it is time to say goodbye to the old companion, the user realizes his emotional attachment to the device. One of those tragic farewells was filmed when a TikTok user hosted a funeral for his beloved laptop.

TikTok creator Zehn shared a video of him at a funeral home holding his laptop, asking an old woman if she could make arrangements. The woman behind the table asks him if the person is already dead, and he answers yes. The woman then asks questions about the body, while Zayn points to the laptop and informs her of “the body.” Decide if he wants a closed or open coffin for it.

Then the woman looks at the person who signed up and bursts into laughter at the whole situation. according to UNILAD In the report, the clip got more than 1.8 million views and hundreds of comments from Internet users, expressing their sympathy for Zain. One user asked why the woman was laughing and wished the laptop soul peace.

Another person apologized for their loss and wrote: “RIP Laptop”. Another user wrote on the Internet that he asked for a deposit of 10 thousand and asked him to come and look at the coffins.

One amused user noted that the woman asking about the body made them wonder if the services had handled anything similar before. Several users found it strange that she asked if the person had actually died and wondered why a funeral was planned for someone alive.

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