A man who deceived people for allegedly installing a mobile tower was arrested

New Delhi: On Saturday, an official said that the Delhi Police had arrested a person from Punjab who used to deceive people into getting money from them under the pretext of installing a mobile tower in their buildings.

In an unconventional way of working, the accused used to get all the money – after deceiving people, it is transferred to a beggar’s bank account.

Deputy Commissioner of Police (Eastern District) Priyanka Kashyap said that a person who told the Eastern District Internet Police Station that he had read a press ad about the Galaxy Tower business claimed they were interested in installing mobile towers.


When the plaintiff called, the defendant lured him by telling him the benefits of having a tower in his house, after which the plaintiff agreed to his terms and transferred Rs 62,450 in four transactions as processing fees to install the tower.

When the fraudster demanded more money, the complainant realized that he had been cheated and filed a complaint at the Internet Police Station.

During the investigation, the police, using technical evidence, discovered that the bank account as well as the mobile phone number belonged to a certain Kuldeep Kumar, a resident of Sangurur, Punjab.

When the police team arrives at Singurur, they discover that Kuldeep was a beggar and was unaware of the incident. He told the police about the main suspect Binder Kumar who opened his bank account.

Then the police conducted another raid and Bender was arrested. The accused revealed that he had committed this fraud alone since March 2022.

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A notebook was also recovered from his possession in which several entries from callers and money received from them were found. A total of Rs 1,90,000 was credited to the bank account during this period.


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