A mobile parliament takes place in neighborhoods all summer long

Every Thursday through September the Mobile Parliament roams the city’s neighborhoods. Next meeting on July 8 in Caudéran

Last May, the city of Bordeaux launched the Permanent Democracy Assessments. In order to invite residents to express themselves and become representatives in their city, the Mobile Parliament comes to them. Wooden agora invites dialogue, and opens shop every Thursday in the eight Bordeaux districts.

The program every day is the same: Neighborhood life discussions (10am-12pm), Health Crisis discussions (12:30pm-1.30pm), Perfect Neighborhood (1pm-3pm), Live performance (3pm) – 4 p.m.), animation for Bordeaux libraries (3pm-6pm), role-playing game in which residents play the role of elected officials (4pm-6pm), debate on environmental and social transformation (6pm-7pm) 15), technical response to exchanges Today (7:15 pm to 8 pm). Every day ends with a music outing

Here are the following dates: Thursday, July 8, Place Armand Folat (Caudéran), July 15, Place Buscaillet (Bordeaux Maritime), July 22, Place des Martyrs (Bordeaux Centre), July 29, Place Meunier (Bordeaux Sud)), August 19, quai de Queyries blockcadère Montesquieu (Bastide), August 26, Place de l’Europe (Chartrons – Grand Parc – Jardin Public), September 2, Place Saint-Augustin and September 9, Place Nansouty.

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