A new look at Project L, the League of Legends fighting game

During the last day of Andrecity Nights Event Who celebrates the broadcast of the last chapter Darkan (Already renewed for a second season), Riot Games has shared new images of L . projectThe fighting game you take root in l’univers de League of Legends.

It’s been a while since we’ve known The presence of the L . project (a tentative name, obviously), long before Riot Games decided to give it an initial glimpse in 2019, marking Celebrating 10 years of League of Legends. So development will take its time, but it will start taking it Very interesting shape.

Developed by Radiant entertainment (Rising Thunder), a small studio dedicated to the genre that was Acquired by Riot Games in 2016Director Tom Cannon says he wants to be creative A complete and accessible fighting game. New players should not suffer Care To do special moves, while those who are nervous about the stick can enjoy it The mechanics you want to be deep.

Project L is built on tandem model, a system that attracts fans of fighting games. Players will have to form Their team is made up of two champions, which will be useful for lengthening groups or to help When needed via a dedicated button.

Like valor before him, L . project The packaging must also be placed on the technical part to ensure Powerful multiplayer experience. Fighting game should benefit from U.S undo netcode Effective which ensures an experience close to local, while Many points of existence You will make sure to keep the ping command as low as possible.

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Just 4 heroes Now revealed: DariusAnd terrifyAnd sound echo And jinx, with an artistic touch and yard It is heavily inspired by the series that is streaming on Netflix. some animation Indicate that there is still A lot of work To complete it before you can put the fighting game In the hands of the players, but Radiant hopes you’ll be able to communicate about the game more regularly from now on. The base is ready: all that remains is to develop the heroes and refine the game.

However, don’t expect to be able to Project L dose before 2023. This kind of bug takes a long time to develop, and Radiant continues to do so hiring developers.

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