A nuclear yacht, a Rafale order, an Amazon quantum computer … the five most read articles this week

1 – [L’industrie c’est fou] This gigantic nuclear yacht wants to take on board what the factory of the future should be

Attention, a surreal project. In Singapore, a company wants to build a super-luxury yacht to house science laboratories. All are nuclear powered.

2 – There are no hires planned but up to 2 Rafale aircraft are produced per month in Merignac thanks to the Egyptian contract

The Rafale 30 contract for Egypt represents the equivalent of 7,000 jobs at Dassault Aviation and its subcontractors for a period of three years. All contracts, for export customers as well as for the French armies, guarantee that the Merignac (Gironde) assembly line will continue production until 2029.

3 – [L’instant tech] Amazon Bets on French techno for the future quantum computer

In a blog post published on April 12, Amazon detailed its desire to build its own quantum calculator. The giant relies on so-called superconducting qubits for cats. French technique carried by the Parisian block Alice and Bob.

4- Why does Brussels want to exclude several partner countries from scientific projects in quantum and space?

Over the past month, a proposal from the European Commission has stirred the European scientific and diplomatic community: it aims to restrict partner countries’ access to research projects considered strategic in quantity and space. The controversy reflects the desire for strategic autonomy promoted by Brussels and the new venue for research on the geopolitical arena.

5- France supports bringing its future combat aircraft project closer to the United Kingdom

According to the Directorate-General for Armament, the merger between the two competing programs – the junta backed by France, Germany, Spain and the Tempest that mobilizes the United Kingdom, Sweden and Italy – will make it possible to share costs and Europe will strengthen armaments. In addition, the states that support the junta should find an agreement by the end of the week.

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