A practically indestructible houseplant, always green and it does not require attention

Do you want a green house full of plants, but no green thumb? Fortunately, there are practically indestructible houseplants that are always green and do not require special attention. Basically everyone’s choice. Well that is true and the plant we are going to talk about now is so beautiful that it grows tall and gives a zen imprint to the living space.

Fake papyrus

The plant we are talking about today is fake papyrus. This plant is native to Central Africa and usually grows near rivers or lakes. Today cypress alternifolius is also found in Italy and is often chosen to provide homes, apparently without much effort. In fact, this plant can be planted almost anywhere: in a clay pot, water pot, outdoors and in aquariums.

Smart watch

It is a tall growing plant as described above. In fact, it looks like a tall bush with slender stems and leaves at the end. One might think compost is needed, but this is not the case. But if you want to use it, you can put it on once a year.

Houseplants often die from excessive watering. Fake papyrus here loves water, so if there is too much water in the mug it is not a problem. That’s because it’s a swamp plant. Also the water problem is solved. Mushroom problem o Battery? They are very rare, in fact it is a plant that rarely gets sick. So practically indestructible houseplant, always green and does not require attention.

Only two things to do

There are only two things you can do to keep this almost indestructible plant from dying. It is the level at which the house is located. This plant should be in the sun, so it is best near a window. Second, remove it when you see a dry leaf.

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It is very common for plants to live longer in water and add them.

Veronica Tucker

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