A previously unknown Easter was discovered 25 years later

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Twitter user Albacore has a rare hobby. User searches for Easter eggs – even in older programs. With this, he discovered the previously unknown Albacore Mortimer Easterge at the weekend.

On its 26-year-old Windows 95, Albacore found a seemingly unknown Easter egg yet. In any case, he does not appear in any of the public displays known for Easter. Albacore found what he was looking for in his old OS mail program.

“It’s never too late to find Easter eggs,” Albacourt says on Twitter, thus meeting community approval. In a video attachment to the tweet, Albacourt describes how the message was displayed, which he refers to as Mortimer-Easteregg.

Easteregg is called quickly. Open Internet Mail from the Windows Start menu. There you switch to the “Help” menu item and click “About Microsoft Internet Mail and News” in the drop-down menu. On the next screen I mark the comctl32.dll file and type the term “MORTIMER” on your keyboard. An overview now begins with automatic scrolling for the programmers who have worked on the program.

By the way, Albacore found Easter in the mail program instead by accident. In itself, Easteregg “Windows 95 Product Team” was the object of desire.

This is a well-known, nicely detailed overview with the names of Microsoft employees, which begin with the words “The People Behind the Magic of Windows 95”.

If you’re wondering how someone could come up with the idea of ​​writing MORTIMER in place X: Hey.

Since Easteregg (Easter egg) are special features in software, games and websites that their developers have placed in secret and they are not easy to discover. Over the years, Google has proven to be particularly harmful, and we actually have Easter eggs Here And Here I looked at.

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