A second edition of Monopoly dedicated to the city of Montpellier

Who hasn’t played Monopoly before? Imagine that this year there will be a new special edition from Montpellier. The first edition was created in 2007. 15 years laterSome modifications, but the rules remain the same.

Sarah Emery, Principal at Winning Moves, the company is the publisher of the Hasbro brand’s popular board game.

Sarah Marie, what will change in this new edition?

We no longer work like the classic version Monopoly prices per square meter to play the game. They will no longer be streets, but partners, places or companies one can join. There may be museums, places related to education, local businesses and shopping malls And all the actors who participate in the development of the city of Montpellier or cities in general. We can always buy them and build houses and hotels.

“It will not be streets but partners, places or companies.”

Do you have some names of preview partners to give us?

What I can say is that there will be Major players in Montpellier. It could be schools and activities, and it’s hard not to be able to say more. I think there are many partners you can refer to. We try to position ourselves as a resident of Montpellier, but it may sometimes happen, because we are not locals, that there Places you don’t necessarily think about. That’s why if you have any ideas, you can send them to us.

Visually, will it still look like the monopoly we know?

Nothing changes in terms of group. The only thing that will be modified, but not shocking, is Visuals that will have more space. We really wanted to highlight each partner’s photos because it’s important to represent them in Monopoly squares. But other than that, the game remains historically the same.

“If you have any ideas, you can send them to us.”

This second edition, we can buy it for Christmas, right?

exactly. The launch event is scheduled for mid-November or even late November. Monsieur Monopoly is coming to Montpellier To reveal the XXL size that is set with all partners. The edition will be available for purchase this holiday season.

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To submit your ideas for venues for Montpellier-Monopoly, send an email to: [email protected]

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