A smartphone with a camera that you can detach to take a selfie

The photo module can be separated from the smartphone and controlled. Also an opportunity for easier repairs and future upgrades

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Among the latest Technical patents Filed in the database of the World Intellectual Property Organization (World Intellectual Property Organization – Wipo) There is a very interesting one by the Chinese company vivo. It’s about extension selfie camera, which uses a detachable and pluggable unit that also includes a coil small service screen To better support use away from the main smartphone body.

The patent was filed last July, but it was registered Just a few days ago and followed an unprecedented path for Vivo: in October 2020, in fact, the Chinese brand had already demonstrated a concept Detachable Periscope Camera For smartphones designed for remote photography. The idea has been highly appreciated, as well as being highly regarded Red Dot Design Award. About a year later, the project takes shape and adds indifferent details like A small screen is placed on the back From the side that houses the photographic sensors.

The first living patent
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The unit can be attached and detached magnetically by opening a Three possible scenarios. In the first, the classic, the LCD part complements the front screen completely clean and without notches or notches, while the cameras point to the rear. In the second, the position is reversed so that you take high-quality selfies by pointing the cameras forward. In the third, the module comes and becomes a kind Small camera for taking pictures from a distanceFor example by placing it on a plane to take group photos by checking the shot from a smartphone or as a mini action camera for easier and more engaging videos.

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A completely new and innovative approach to mobile photography, which immediately presents some issues to be resolved such as the possibility of this lose shape If the hook is accidentally loosened as well as the inconvenience of having to change direction to take selfies. Among the most intriguing viewpoints, there is alternatively the possibility of changing the imaging unit to fail or to effect Targeted upgrade without the need to completely change the smartphone; Since modern smartphones differ mainly in cameras, this is not a small possibility.

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