A space hurricane is observed for the first time!

Hurricanes that would unleash high planetary atmospheres. A type of space hurricane. Researchers have imagined their existence. And they demonstrated this by observing one of these phenomena over our Earth’s north pole.

It happened on August 20, 2014, above North Pole. But it was only discovered by Researchers from the University of Reading (UK) Only recently, while browsing images from four DMSP satellites (Defense Meteorological Satellite Program). The first “space hurricane” in our Earth’s upper atmosphere. Or any other planet for that matter.

Remember that Traditional tornadoes They occur in the lower atmosphere – of Earth or other planets like Mars, Jupiter or Saturn. When air A hot and humid spike, creates a lowered area Pressure Near the surface that attracts the surrounding air. calendar, Slots Too violent accompanying him Clouds And heavy rain.

A shower of electrons

What the researchers identified here was not a circular pattern in the air, but in the plasma found in Upper atmosphere in Earth. And in other places at Solar system Also. Thus the space cyclone manifests itself several hundreds of kilometers above the North Pole, over a range of about 1,000 kilometers, with a fairly calm core and many spiral arms rotating counterclockwise. K Fall outAnd the Electrons Energies – accelerated to about 10 keV – in place of water droplets. Everything is preserved for about eight hours before collapsing.

Researchers have developed a 3D model of a space tornado that reproduces its main properties and explains its formation. Perhaps it is an exceptionally large and fast relocationenergy The Solar wind And charged particles in the Earth’s upper atmosphere. So Tornadoes Space can be a global phenomenon on planetary bodies Magnetic fields The plasma wak.

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