A strange moment in “Tageschau”: the reporter explains how to use a mobile phone when switching live culture

Reporter Annette Dirt explains why she picked up her cell phone in the middle of the ARD live switch. Photo: epd/NDR/WDR/Annika Fußwinkel

ARD reporter Annette Diert provided a curious moment Sunday evening in Tajischau. Now the reporter explains why she picked up the cell phone.

HAMBURG – In the middle of the live broadcast, the mobile is suddenly picked up: ARD reporter Annette Dirt recently attracted a lot of attention in front of millions of viewers of “Tagesschau” – now she has added an explanation for this strange moment. And the 58-year-old explained, on Monday evening, on Twitter, that she was searching for keywords on the phone.

When Dirt reported at the United Nations climate conference in Glasgow on Sunday night, she suddenly said “sorry,” picked up a cell phone and put on her glasses. “I’m sorry, but I have such a squabble on my ear here,” Dieter said at last—and then continued to report. What happened there? The Tageschau newspaper on Twitter later showed the reporter’s statement.

“No, I have not been contacted and I have not checked any emails or Twitter between them,” said the director of ARD studio in London. “I had a crazy bang on this ear piece, what you have here with a direct key, and I just got out because of it.” “Since unfortunately I need my glasses because I’m an old woman, it just took a little longer.” One Twitter user wrote: “Very cool TV moment.”

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