A subscriber breaks the speed record thanks to the development of the operator’s network

Free mobile: the subscriber blows up the speed record thanks to the evolution in the operator's network

1400 Mbit / s was reached on Thursday 17 March on the Free Mobile 4G and 5G network thanks to a frequency of 3.5 GHz with a band of 70 MHz.

After the theory, a place for practice. Announced yesterday, Free Mobile announced the start of using the entire spectrum allocated to it at the frequency of 5G core 3.5 GHz, i.e. 70 MHz, which provides better speeds in principle. And this is already the case, on the mobile site, the difference is significant compared to the 60 MHz used until then by the operator. Speeds are rising sharply, and today’s proof is with Haojy, Member of the free society. This subscriber, in almost perfect conditions, simply broke the speed record on the operator’s network thanks to this development. Using the sparkling Poco F3, it hit 1,400.12 Mbit/s at its average speed at Palaiseau near Paris, peaking at 1535 Mbit/s, at 5:42 AM, of course. The best performance so far was achieved at the beginning of the month in Bordeaux, then the subscriber was flashed at 1246.45 Mbit / s.

This new record was achieved not only thanks to 5G 3.5 GHz at 70 MHz but also by aggregating three 4G frequencies of the operator, 700 MHz, 1800 MHz and 2600 MHz in Mimo 4×4 allowing better utilization of the overall possibilities of the network using Several antennas on the transmitter side and receiver side. The key: many simultaneous data streams and more throughput available. Note that the performance would have been more impressive if this mobile site had the operator frequency of 2100MHz. This promises new records soon. These speed measurements come from users of the RNC Mobile app.

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As a reminder, Univers Freebox offers you the “Logs” section. This allows you to discover the best speeds achieved by users of the RNC Mobile app across France. You can also find records in each department or region. Each time, the downlink and uplink speeds of these records are shown, as well as the cities in which they were measured, of course.

Participate in improving the participatory map and records in Free Mobile

Above all, you can participate in the development of the participatory map and those of Free Mobile Network records by Download RNC Mobile App from Play Store. Thus you can perform speed tests which will of course be integrated into the card, but the application also provides other functions and information.

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