A suspicious leak indicates the news coming in 2022

In the pages of the chatted 4chan forum, someone who is self-styled on CD Projekt tells me what the next “premium” additional content and list of free updates of interest will be. Cyberpunk 2077 In the year that began now.

The information shared by “deep throats” is so extensive that, for this reason, although it is objectively impossible to ascertain the authenticity of the source, they are already frequently circulated on social networks and forums by the community.

According to the self-styled leaker that 2022 will be a year full of surprises and unpublished content for fans of the CD project’s science fiction blockbuster, the Polish company is organizing a great event to announce the streaming in February. The “Smooth Restart” on Cyberpunk 2077 Con La Patch 1.5. The questionable update will lead to the title turning itself into a “samurai version” and with its graphic and playful upgrades.Update on Cyberpunk 2077 on PS5 and Xbox Series X / S.

Barbers need to find patch space for many innovations such as a garage, upgraded AI for enemies and guards, and again, a Transmock system, overhaul of the craft system and a new user interface. Patch 1.5 will be followed by 4 brand new weapons, new Game Plus mode, new crafts and free DLC with the ability to customize V’s apartment, as well as new dialog lines for Judy and Panam.

For The first expansion of Cyberpunk 2077, It will be set in the Pacific neighborhood and will focus on the conflict between the Bozos (psychological clowns) and Slaughterhouse (fascist psychopaths) gangs, says the self-styled leaker. In 2022, we will add a new mini-game like Quentin and see it set up in cyberspace, to collect and use JRPG style tokens individually and in multiplayer combat. Not even a quote New anime called Cyberpunk 2077 Edgerunners And was created by Studio Inspiration.

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As usual, we invite you to tweak these rumors and consider them as they are, especially since it is impossible to estimate the source of this leak and the history of previous leaks of the leaked in question and their credibility.

Veronica Tucker

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