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He made his world debut by climbing the floodplain of a giant dam and climbing the record. The dam is the Kárahnjúkar Hydroelectric Power Station, officially known as the Fljótsdalsh மின்rð Power Station in the municipality of Fljótsdalshérað in eastern Iceland, designed to produce 4,600 gigawatt hours per year of 75 km of Alcoa’s Fjarðaál aluminum aluminum.

The epic climb saw the New Range Rover Sport withstand the speed of the water flowing down the dam curve at a rate of 750 tons per minute. A loss of traction would have pushed the car into the abyss, but the new Range Rover Sport was not broken and the leaky track was first planned at a special launch event in advanced product development. Behind the wheel, Jessica Hawkins, The official stunt driver of James Bond, completed the exciting series of challenges for Land Rover’s luxury SUV. Range Rover Sport has indeed completed the record-breaking climb to Pikes Peak, breaking the desert “empty quarter” on the Arabian Peninsula and the first climb of 999. Steps to the Gate of Heaven in China in 2018. On the complex path from the valley floor to the top of the dam, the flooded riverbed, long and steep tunnels and the same rock face, the last obstacle was the ascent of the leak. 40 degrees of the dam. The water was running furiously at its 90-meter drop in the 294-meter-long leak.

Sporty character

The new Range Rover Sport offers a variety of driving dynamics, with Land Rover’s integrated chassis control stability and handling, dynamic electronic air suspension – Range Rover preview – and Active Shock absorbers enabling new driving standards. . For a highly customizable and responsive driving experience on and off the road. Dynamic electronic air suspension – Range Rover preview – and Active Shock absorbers set new standards of agility, control and stability. For a highly customizable and responsive driving experience on and off the road. The new Stormer Handling Pack focuses on all types of driving and sets the standard for high-performance SUVs with a full range of advanced body control functions. The four-wheel steer offers exceptional agility, high stability at high speeds and high maneuverability at low speeds, for maximum safety at all levels. The Dynamic Response Pro system uses powerful electronic Active Roll Control technology to enhance driver engagement and passenger comfort. Drivers can customize the new Range Rover Sport to their liking with configurable dynamics and configurable terrain response systems.

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Off the road

The new Adaptive Off-Road Cruise Control maintains comfort and tranquility by responding to landscape compliance for consistent and sustainable improvement at all levels. Terrain Answer 2: The latest version of Land Rover’s advanced all-terrain technology confirms the presence of the new Range Rover on the Sport of Road and in Dorma. The new Range Rover Sport is the most sporty SUV ever made by the British, and manages to deliver a new level of driving engagement with the usual Range Rover refinement. The advanced MLA-Flex operating system provides the perfect foundation for accomplishing all of this: a set of hardware, software, design and manufacturing processes that enable dynamic management and machine optimization. The latest integrated chassis control builds these foundations and manages advanced body technologies that provide the same high level of control, quietness and dynamic capability regardless of the powertrain. The bodywork improvements of the new Range Rover Sport are characterized by the Stormer Handling Pack, which offers a sporty and responsive ride at all times thanks to its advanced control technologies. In addition to the new Dynamic Electronic Air Suspension, this high-tech package includes Dynamic Response Pro with Electronic Active Roll Control, four-wheel steering, Active Electronic Differential and Dark Vector Breaking Brake and Braking. Features of the Stormer Handling Pack include the latest generation Adaptive Dynamics system with dual valve active dumpers and Land Rover’s brilliant all wheel drive system.

Veronica Tucker

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