A Toulousain invents Bibock, an outdoor game between puck and petanque

Jeffrey, 33, an industrial designer, invented and launched his game, called “Bibock,” between a steel ball and a ball.

With the return of fine weather, tapas on the terrace and games of petanque, pucks or Mölkky are back in business. How about getting into Bibock this summer? A certified Toulouse member, Geoffrey Esno, invented an outdoor game located on the boundary between the petanque and the Breton disc. It all started in 2018. “That year I celebrated my 30th birthday, I wanted to get my family and friends together. To host the event, I organized an Olympics and then told myself I had to find an original game to spice it all up,” says the industrial designer. The 30-year-old is by training. With a few bits of wood in his garage, a little paint and a lot of creativity, he invented “Bibock.” And his game finds its audience very quickly. “I was constantly asked to return it,” says the inventor with some pride.

Seven months of creation

For several months, in its corners remained the desire to make this “prototype” a reality. “I became a father, then there was confinement, then in my company there was a voluntary departure plan, I took the lead at that time,” he recalls. Once quitting his job, Jeffrey devoted himself day and night for seven months to making his game a reality, the name “Bibock” for “two-tone” and bock of Beer, “simply.” Then Jeffrey travels all over France to find professionals to make his “locks”. The businessman found his French supplier of eco-labeled wood in the Loire, he was a packaging specialist in Gers and in Toulouse his printer. He smiles: “It’s 100% French and very southwestern.” But then how do you play Bibock? The goal is to throw a bouquet or pinch as close as possible to the ‘master of the bok’ or jack making sure it stays on his team color, so as not to ‘lose’ it. “We can win two different ways either by scoring 16 points or by getting all the Bocks back. We win the match with talent or with a lot of luck,” he identifies, somewhat teasing, creative. Since last week, production has been launched. On Ulule, a crowdfunding platform, Jeffrey presented his project. For two weeks, 57 people have already contributed and thus supported the idea of ​​Bibock. At the moment, the game is only available in pre-sale on Ulule but by August, it will be possible to order it directly on the official website. In the meantime, Geoffrey will go on a “tour” to present his game, and he must be especially present at Toulouse-Plages.

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