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Go to the other side of the world without leaving the hospital bed. It is now possible for patients in palliative care or in the house. The virtual helmet, a French invention, allows you to travel by feeling the smell and wind of the places you visit.

A year ago, a strange machine entered the palliative care unit of Lille University Hospital (north). A mobile capsule that allows patients to escape even from their beds. Dominic adopted it. You made the pyramids, you did Scotland, you did the icebergs, that was luxurious“, as you say. With a virtual reality headset, she relives her travel taste as it was before her illness.

Treatment is under supervision. Under the caregivers’ gaze, Dominic left for Latin America. Complete immersion thanks to the sensors. There are even smells and wind. Equipped with a tablet, accompanied by her sister. Precious minutes of letting her forget Dominic that she’s in a hospital bed. Relaxed, smiling again. It took the inventors seven years to develop the device that synchronized smell, video, music, hot air, and cold air. Dozens of different positions have been validated by health professionals. This virtual world, Xavier two miles He first imagined it for his severely autistic daughter.

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