A virtual reality app to discover the legacy of Pays d’Auray – Auray

Imagine diving into the 15th century in Saint-Goustan, the decades-old sanctuary of Sainte-Anne-d’Auray, discovering the canal connecting Crac’h and the tip of Kerisper there nearly 2000 years… Thanks to the brand new Kairos guide app, This is now possible! “At these three sites, we created a 360-degree reconstruction of the place as it was at the time,” explains Gerald Carrillo, physician and co-founder of the project.

“As if you were there”

Made with computer-generated images, and photographs of extras in period fashion, these reconstructions want to be as close as possible to last year’s reality. “Everything was obtained, on the basis of the descriptions, and the archives we found,” the historian asserts. The app was launched on June 21, a year after winning an invitation for tourism development projects and digital education. To make the most of this virtual reality, the glasses are on sale for €10 in the Alréan Ti Hanok cinema and in the bookshop of the Sainte-Anne-d’Auray haven. “All you have to do is slide it right in the middle of your smartphone, and it’s like you’re there,” explains Remy Lambert, the project’s other founder and tour guide.

With Kairos Guide, you can discover the streets of Saint-Goustan as they were in the 15th century in virtual reality. (telegram)

In addition to these three locations to discover using virtual reality, the application offers a broader discovery of the legacy of Pays d’Auray. Eighteen spots are installed on an interactive map. In each, immersive audio guides are presented with background audio to discover the place and its history. “The goal is not to read Wikipedia, but to make the experience immersive and enjoyable,” explains Remy Lambert. Overlaying before/after images are also suggested to bring about the evolution of the place. “The goal is not to replace the heritage discovery offerings that already exist,” defines Gerald Carrillo. is to provide a relevant and enjoyable complementary tool.”

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educational aspect

Besides the tourist aspect, Kairos guide also has an educational aspect. “We have on-site tests for schools. We have already tested with Loch School, and it was successful. It is like a game for children and allows them, in addition, to discover the local heritage,” is what excited Remy Lambert.

Some of the content in the app is free, and some, like two of the three reconstructions in VR, are paid. A month and a half after its launch, it has already accumulated nearly 500 users. But the founders of the project see more. An appeal was made to the municipalities of the region. “We would like to create partnerships with them,” stated Gerald Carrillo who ended: “It is a win-win for both parties, they highlight the application on their site, using QR codes for example, and give them a great tool. Promote their heritage with a beautiful educational aspect.”


Kairos Guide, free to download from traditional app stores (Apple Store, Google Play Store, etc.). Some content for a fee.

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