According to Intel, Alder Lake CPUs should be especially useful for gaming

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Intel introduced the new Alder Lake CPUs during the 2021 architecture days and indicated that games can be well optimized for hardware due to the processor architecture.

If Intel has its way, the new Alder Lake processors will do particularly well for video games. The newly officially introduced processor architecture with eight Golden Cove high-performance cores and eight Gracemont efficiency cores aims to deliver specific advantages in the gaming area.

The benefit also depends on the game developers

If game developers take the Alder Lake structure into account when programming future versions, it could have direct and indirect effects on game performance. Ran Berensen, chief developer at Intel said:
“The best example we have in the lab is playing along with whatever other workload you’re running. That could be streaming, web browsing. And that could be game recording, and that’s a great example of how you can run a game on performance cores and extra activities on cores Efficiency. And you can run the game with the same performance even if you are doing other tasks in parallel.”

According to Intel, the equal division of CPU cores into performance and efficiency is particularly suitable for multitasking. If you want to watch Netflix while playing games, you will no longer have to accept losses from the CPU. But according to Berensen, Alder Lake should also be able to offer direct benefits to games if developers optimize their titles according to the CPU:
If the game is optimized to use a large number of threads and not the old and old games of today, then yes, it will be very useful for the game, you know, such as physical effects on one core and one run. Audio ads on different kernels. Well, there is plenty of room for improvement in games that tap all the threads.

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How much optimization options for Alder Lake CPUs affect practice will naturally depend on how well game developers incorporate the capabilities of new Intel processors into their development process.

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