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Released last year to reconcile a number of hobbyists and the Capcom series, DMC 5 For his name he succeeds where the parties to the prison can only fail: inviting another person without asking any questions So the new version of Beat’em all in 3D of 2019 accompanies the arrival of the new consoles And it clearly gets the job done, especially for players who haven’t been immersed in the ring yet.

The fourth playable demon hunter, the famous Vergil, joins Dante, Nero, and V here In this horrific adventure, which revolves around the giant Belzebuth and an infinite force appearing in our atmosphere. In the original episode, the protagonist, Dante, was accompanied by Nero, the young man who lost his arm and was favorably replaced by various prostheses, ranging from a whip to a cannon Megaman, Is a must for nostalgia. We added a V, a mute and slightly weak Goth, but this was the origin of a strange maneuverability, because he is able to summon a tiger snake and a crow, even a golem, to fight in his place. For his part, Virgil comes to compete directly with his twin Dante with his quirks and big guns in the action scenes, and perhaps a little less in the story.

Each hero offers a different way to approach this frantic action game, and the intention is to start the game several times with different avatars. Attractive prospect, which leads us in consequence, despite our promises of infidelity for the series Bayonetta, In these mixed clashes Brawl, shootout, divergent attacks and evasive. Just like in the series featuring the beloved witch, it is An arcade game where exploration is often limited to acquiring coins or buying coinsWith our Niko factor, additional weapons or abilities for diversifying fighting pleasures. And intensify the game accordingly.

A new difficulty mode, where there are more Demon enemies, has been added to the original 2019 versionPlus, noticeable graphics improvements to thrive on new consoles. The game is beautiful thanks to the latest graphics engine vampire, But it is clear that we expect better in the future from the new machines, even if the graphical, configurable fluidity is fully present.

The result will undoubtedly appeal more to those who skip the game on PS4 and here are entitled to a high-quality escape, and the possibility to play with just a little onion. Notably, it doesn’t really use the functionality of the new PS5 consoles. Nearly complete wireless silence and innovative zero vibrations on this aspect.

Capcom, on Playstation 5 and XBox Series, approx 40 €. 18 years and over.

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