Activision Blizzard, New Evidence of Discrimination –

Case Activation Blizzard It has not diminished, on the contrary, they continue to emerge Evidence Related Discrimination Operates within the company and has been announced by a large number of employees in recent days.

CEO Bobby Gottick acknowledged that there was something profoundly wrong with changing company management and protecting the rights of employees, but for now the victims are talking.

The scene described by these people sees the creators of successful titles above and everyone else at their feet. “The World of Warcraft makes a lot of money, so those who work there at a high level are untouchable and allow themselves any behavior,” one source told IGN.

Warcraft, one of the main rights to the blizzard.

One woman said she underwent a medical examination while pregnant because the baby was having problems, and the doctor told her to go back for a test two weeks later, but her superiors did not give her permission to activate the blizzard.

Another woman said the breastfeeding room had no locks, so the men entered without problems. Once he had to shout at one of these people to leave.

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