Activision releases a tool to measure the diversity of characters, but the effect is strange –

Activision Blizzard Newly announced Tool Internal with work Calculate the degree of diversity of characters Defines characteristics such as video games, race, gender, sexual orientation, body type, presence of disabilities, culture of appearance and many more. The end result is a bit strange.

This tool was created King and MIT Game Labs. The purpose is to “create and monitor guidelines for the concept and creation of a character”. Jacqueline Somadas – King’s Globalization Project Manager – “It’s a measuring tool that helps identify how different the characters are and how different the actors are compared to the ‘norm’.”

The system then allows you to calculate a type Score, When certain groups of characters in the game are different. For example, you can see the overwatch case in the picture below. For example, Tank characters seem to have smaller variants based on race, while support characters differ much less in line type. At the same time, characters with neutral morals have a lot of cultural types, while male characters represent the most flawed.

Screenshot of the Activision Blizzard tool

As Activision Blizzard points out, Overwatch 2 and Call of Duty Vanguard’s Tools and Answer He was “immediate and enthusiastic.” The company plans to offer the tool to all internal groups from this summer.

Clearly, the tool is designed to facilitate the analysis of large groups of characters, and the ultimate goal is classic. At the same time, it is Strange Hitting ideas like a person’s race and culture. Also, the fact that the tool is based on the “protocol” (basically it is a straight white male muscle body and without defects) is a little sad. The reaction on Twitter was, in fact, not moderately enthusiastic, especially considering the direction the proposal was coming from.

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However, as mentioned, the purpose is clear, so we hope this tool really helps companies diversify the templates of their games. What do you think about it?

Veronica Tucker

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