After a massive data breach, T-Mobile offers its customers an identity protection tool

After the massive theft of personal data at T-Mobile, the operator offers a two-year subscription to the identity theft protection program.

Data theft is unfortunately more and more frequent. Some of them have millions of users. One of the most recent is the American mobile operator T-Mobilewhich will reach more than 100 million customers. Today, the brand decided to recognize the situation and make a gesture towards its customers by presenting a file identity protection tool.

After the massive theft of personal data at T-Mobile,

A few days ago, we learned that a T-Mobile database containing personal data had been hacked. This appears to contain the data of at least 100 million individuals. At least that’s what we can find out in the description of the online sale of the said database by the hacker who asked for $270,000.

The operator offers a 2-year subscription to the Identity Theft Protection Program

However, T-Mobile has since confirmed the hack and indicated that among the personal data involved were the name, date of birth, Social Security number and driver’s license information. The operator also estimated that about 48 million customers could be affected by this theft, about half of what is affected by the hackers’ data.

The good news, if we can say so, is that no credit card and other payment information has been stolen. So customers may not need to change their card numbers. T-Mobile also announced that it will offer affected customers a free two-year subscription to the Identity Theft Protection Program.

In a press release from the operator, it reads: “We take the protection of our customers very seriously and will continue to investigate tirelessly to ensure the best possible protection for our customers following this malicious attack.”

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