After cell phone theft: Police identify culprits via GPS in 5 minutes

At approximately 2:20 pm, a 14-year-old from Graz appeared today Saturday 23 October 2021 with his mother at the police station in Graz Hauptbahnhof to report the theft of his mobile phone. Reports said the phone was apparently stolen immediately from the changing room of a sports facility in Graz-Anderitz. The perpetrator or perpetrators will also be located near the main train station in Graz. This led to the independent locating of the stolen phone using an app.

The police followed the sign

However, the rapid transmission of the stolen cell phone quickly raised the suspicion that the perpetrator(s) were on a southbound train. Police immediately alerted a patrol at the Kalsdorf police station after the GPS signal stopped there for a while. The Graz police patrol also went to the station in Kalsdorf with indicators. Officials found a group of young people there. However, the check did not reveal any new evidence of the stolen phone.

The perpetrators threw cell phones

On the stands of the neighboring sports stadium in Kalsdorf, where one of the matches was taking place at that time, the 14-year-old got acquainted with many young people. They were also at the sports facility in north Graz at the time of the cell phone theft. The interrogation of the boys eventually led to the police’s transfer of a 14-year-old from the Graz region. This was in the immediate vicinity of the sports stadium. At first, the officers found only the cover of the cell phone stolen from him. Shortly thereafter, the young man confessed to stealing the phone in Graz Andritz. He said he threw the phone into a nearby cornfield when he saw the police officers.

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The undamaged mobile phone can finally be found in the mentioned place and the owner can be traced back to the owner. The 14-year-old was reported to the prosecutor’s office in Graz on suspicion of theft.

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