Agile and Aggressive Klay Thompson “He Was So Far That Game Changed In Two And A Half Years”

If the Warriors have been off a bit lately, they were defeated last night by the Grizzlies, and their fourth defeat in 7 games, the good news is they are back Klay ThompsonAbove all, he does not appear to be a player who has not played for two and a half years. Of course he’s still not at 100% and he’ll have to get his rhythm back in full, but what he shows is very encouraging and suggests he can quickly get back to a very good level.

In the loss to Memphis he played 20 minutes for 14 points with a difference of 2/5 5/13 so far, including two big shots 3 points at the end of the first half and after the break to allow him to return in addition to 3 assists. He’s aggressive, drives into the circuit, and was even offered a huge dip on Sunday. He visited several times in the Tennessee home defense that night, as follows:

“It looks fast. It looks smart. It looks powerful. It’s really exciting to see.” Steve Care

In fact, it’s exciting to see great things physically not bring it down and propose in the coming weeks. It is also confident given its drives, not known to many attack circuit, but it does so without hesitation from two games. When asked if he’s more offensive by the circuit, here is what his coach thinks and believes.

“It’s a small specimen, but I’m just aggressive,” Thompson said. “The defenders always stick to me because of my quick shot. I did my counter shot twice tonight, so I have to be careful. But that is something I focus on[attacking the circle].”

“He’s been away for so long that the game has changed in two and a half years,” said Steve Kerr. “It looks like teams are playing more and more small, and there aren’t many circuit protections. There are switches all over the place, and we end up with back in the drawing after the switch. I think Clay sees the space in front of him, so he attacks the circuit.”

But even if he was satisfied, the limit he set now Rick Celebreni And the medical staff 20 minutes. no more. As expected, the full-back will play more and will have to patiently endure his problems.

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“That’s probably the biggest challenge for me – the limitation of minutes,” Thompson said. “But I have to calm myself down and accept the reality of the last couple of years. You can’t go away long and suddenly you play 40 minutes. It’s my progress. I have to build it. Sometimes I’ll come back on the bench, frustrated. But I trust our medical team will support me.”

According to The Athletic, the goal will be to increase his minutes very gradually so that he has a normal playing time at the end of the regular season.

“I feel very good. I don’t even feel tired,” Clay said in his post-match press conference.

Kerr’s rotation still allowed him to be on the floor at the end of the meeting, which should ease his frustration. And despite having 31 points in 40 minutes and good things in defense, the applicant is not satisfied.

“No. I expect great things every time I go in the field. I am not satisfied with 5-13) and I should be laying at least 8 tonight.” Clay Thompson

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