Agin. Computers, checkbooks, cash … the Emmaüs community is burgled again

The Jordan Street site was again the target of theft. Eric Mallet, the division manager, expressed concern

The Emmaus group in Ajen was burgled on the evening of Tuesday, February 22nd. When he got to the site, Eric Mallet, in charge of the department and his assistant Benoit Lopez, realized it The curtain and the window of one of the association’s administrative offices were shattered.

And the police arrived at the scene of the accident and the science police to conduct survey work. “Only my assistant’s office was visited, and the stolen items were in a lockable locker. It contained a small box of life with cash, a laptop that was bought new eight days ago as a replacement, plus all of the association’s checkbooks,” explains Eric Mallet.

3,000 euros in spoils

“The amount of the stolen exceeds 3000 euros. This is another severe blow that further weakens our activity, which adapts as much as possible to the health requirements. It is clear that we have lodged a complaint, videos and clues in the hands of the police who have started their investigative work. It is very worrying and more insecure. For our 26 comrades who live 200 meters from our store. “

This is the third time in six months that the association has been visited

The director adds to those who target the association, “It is disturbing and stupid because we, like all societies, do not keep any money on the site … The deductions are daily, made by three people on different days and times. So more than ever, in these circumstances, We need you. “

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